We put the right customers in front of the right products at the right time……..

That is how CBG Increases YOUR Bottom Line!
Increased Leads = Increased Revenue
Surveys show customers using Corporate Buyers Guide are 60% more likely to buy products whose literature they have seen on the CBG site as those not displayed

Don’t let your competitors get the advantage.

Quality versus Quantity
Other search engines and media may brag about some loft numbers for members or circulation. CBG attracts the serious buyers who want information fast, easy, accurate and relevant to their specific needs.

If you were a buyer where would you go for information ?

Improve Brand Awareness
Are you sure that buyers know who you are and that you make the products you are looking for? Displaying literature on CBG will increase brand awareness among the people who are most important, your customers.
Displaying literature will better educate your customers about you.

Measured Results
CBG software will track the number of direct links made between our site and yours as well as how often each piece of literature is viewed. A quarterly “Contribution to Revenue” report will be submitted for your approval

We provide justifiable results.

The CBG Guaranteed Advantage
IF CBG does not increase your lead generation by at least 10% in six months, cancel your annual agreement and CBG will refund the balance

We are that sure of the value we provide.

There are three ways to take advantage of the unique opportunity that CBG provides.

1. Buy direct links between the results of a product search and your Corporate Home Page. This way a customer can easily and seamlessly find you or your distributors and complete the sale.

2. Display the literature of the equipment that came up in a prospects search results. Now they are not just getting your products specifications. They will
be getting your marketing message.

3. Buy ad space on the search criteria page. There is no more effective way to get your company’s message in front of buyers actively searching for your products.

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